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Presented by State Library Victoria

Our Trip to the Victorian State Library

On Thursday the 11th of July the Libris Vermis Book Club went to the State Library in Melbourne. It was a long drive. Some of us went by car, and some by train. It was a rainy day, and we all got wet walking to the statue of Sir Redmund Barry, where we were going to meet. Sir Redmund Barry was the founder of the library, because he believed women should have the right to study. The library is huge and intimidating, but we felt welcome due to Julianne (Inky’s best friend!) and Jackie, our guides. The first room was the main reading room. It was huge, but the warm lights and comfy couches made it a very welcoming and warm room. It actually was the first Melbourne Museum, so that’s why the ceiling of that room is so high. As all libraries (well, most) they ordered them in dewey decimal. The next room was the Newspaper Room. The newspapers stay in paper form for about two weeks, then they archive them into film. There was the Arts Room, too. We all loved the domed reading room. After we had the tour, we had afternoon tea, and got a presentation about Inside A Dog.

The meeting after the visit, we spoke about it together-

What did you like?

  • How everybody was really friendly
  • How we learnt more about Inside A Dog
  • How we got to see how they run the library
  • The catacombs
  • The Domed Reading Room
  • How they archived the newspapers
  • How you could listen to daily music in the arts room

What did you learn?

  • We learnt how you can register to be an Inky Judge
  • We learnt about Old Inky
  • We learnt how they archive the newspapers
  • We learnt about the history of reading and writing

Thank you to all the wonderful staff at the State Library for hosting our book club. We had such an amazing time!


inky State Library Victoria

It was * BRILLIANT * to meet you that day and I hope you feel welcome at the library! You will have to come back and see our new spaces this year!

3rd Jan, 20

Oooh this sounds amazing!

6th Jan, 20

I'm going to be going there a lot after school so I'm happy to know that it's great there!

25th Jan, 20

We loved it so much. We can definitely recommend the arts room and as we said in the post the domed reading room is absolutely beautiful!

28th Jan, 20

In reply to vermislibris

Okie thx :)

29th Jan, 20