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Presented by State Library Victoria

The Key To Rondo...

Over the holidays the Libris Vermis Book Club read The Key To Rondo. Here are our thoughts and understandings of it. We hope you enjoy, and please comment below!

  1. Did you like the story plot- why, why not?

Surfaced, confusing, went quickly- from one thing to another. The idea of the different times between worlds was confusing. Had a whole convo on that!

2. What words does the author use to describe Aunt Bethany’s house? Would you say these are positive or negative words?

Negative, because she talked as if it was boring

3. Why can the Blue Queen control Mutt but not Mimi?

Because Mimi told the Blue Queen Mutt’s real name, and she told the Blue Queen her nickname. The BQ can control people by using their real name.

  1. Make a list of the things in Rondo that are different in our world.

Smaller, Magic, Less technology, Gaps, Names Match Occupation!

What surprising hiding place do Leo and Mimi find? Name three things you would do if you could hide in this way.

Jump out at people, scare them. Trespass. Steal. Hide…

Oh, what you could do on Halloween…

  1. Why does Leo finally decide to stay in Rondo? What would you have done in his place?

We would all stay. Leo stayed to get revenge on Wicked Uncle George, and stayed because he knew Mimi had made up her mind to save Mutt, so better the both of them try.

  1. What are dots? What kind of pests do they remind you of in our world?

Dots are gingerbread men! Conker and Freda are the animals chasing after him in ‘The Gingerbread Man’ fairy tale. Rats, Rabbits- (eat all crops)

  1. Who or what are the Flitters?

Fairies, Small elves, Magical beings, Guardians of the forest, Food (for Freda!)

  1. What is a Gap?

A teleportation door, a mist that transfers you from one place to another.

  1. Lots of fairy tales are represented in this book. Which ones are in there?

The Gingerbread man, Hansel and Gretel, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Little Red Riding Hood, The Seven Swans.

  1. List three of the dangers on the way to the castle.

The troll, the bears, the witch.

  1. Leo, Mimi and Bertha know they must pass a troll on the bridge. But what unforseen circumstance makes this more difficult?

Leo, Mimi, and Bertha were told they had to pass the most harmless troll in the world, but Mimi used the key (accidently) to make the most scary troll ever!

  1. Who do you think would win in a battle between the troll on the bridge and the fox who lives in Polly and Jim’s house? Why?

In a face to face battle, probably the troll, because it was imagined to be the most horrible it could possibly be, but the fox is just an ordinary fox.

  1. Rondo means this… a musical form with a recurring leading theme, often found in the final movement of a sonata or concerto. Why do you think she might have used this word?


Over all, we all enjoyed it. Most of us gave it a four out of five rating. Thanks for reading!